Apprenticeships: Pianist/Accompanist

We at OperaOggiNY believe in nurturing the talent of young artists by providing opportunities for growth in performance; our Apprentice Program allows pianists/accompanists to receive extensive training and experience while performing great operas alongside some of today's most accomplished young professional singers.

The Apprentice Accompanists we seek will have an immense desire to learn and grow within the profession. They will be given time with individual singers in coachings with Artistic Director/Conductor Thomas Lawrence Toscano, as well as the opportunity to take over both full and sectional rehearsals. At appropriate intervals, depending on the candidate's progress, each Apprentice will have private sessions in accompanying with William R. Lewis, accompanist to many Metropolitan Opera and internationally-acclaimed singers, such as Marcello Giordani and Ronan Tynan. In addition to their collaborative work, each Apprentice will eventually be assigned solo performances. This is a very intense program that will provide a platform for serious growth and discernible results in greater expression, accuracy, and collaborative ability, as well as knowledge of and experience with a vast repertory of opera ranging from traditional to experimental. During rehearsals and performances, duties permitting, Mr. Toscano will select one of the Apprentices will be appointed as his conducting assistant.

We hope to choose our 2014-2015 staff accompanist(s) from the Apprentices we work with this upcoming season.

Administrative: Public Relations/Marketing

The positions that we have available are in development. We have expanding duties in the categories stated above. each candidate will be given opportunities to excercise the appropriate activities depending on their academic needs. Since we are an opera company in a phase of great expansion there is a lot to do. We will seek candidates who have a clear understanding of Public Relations and Marketing principles, seeking to involve them directly in these activities. Administrative apprentices will be asked to cover a wider range of activities, and yet will be allowed to take their own initiative to recognize structural changes and the proposal and execution of their own solutions.