Elizabeth Bouk

Sonya Rice

Sadie Rosales

One of our long range goals is to form a repertory opera company. To facilitate this creation we have opted to begin a new program based on a relationship of recognition and mutual giving. The idea is simple. The singers invited to be core singers not only display the obvious required talents, but also acknowledge a kinship with the methods and principles of the directors. They also further indicate that their own goals for growth and performance opportunities can be best served by their involvement with Opera OGGI NEW YORK at this intense level.

Each Core Singer is called upon to work on behalf of the opera company, within the capacities that best match their own innate talents and interests. This is a result based initiative although, we have a record of being fair and understanding. For their efforts on behalf of the group each core singer will have an opera created around them. That is to say, they will either be given a direct starring role or a major role of equal stature.

Here we give a small explanatory example. Each time a production is mounted it is an enormous undertaking, especially for the directors themselves. That said, OperaOGGINY has an already established history of keeping its word. Each and every production ever proposed by the company, Mr. Toscano, with the help and guidance of Mr. Lewis, has seen to it that each opera was indeed performed. The best case in point is last years Hrabina by Moniusko in the original Polish. Ten days or so before it was to open the Polish President, his wife and cabinet were killed in a tragic plane crash in Russia. One theater threw us out, citing the "Polish National Week of Mourning". Even with this tremendously powerful and tragic event, with one venue claiming a performance would be almost sacrilegious, the production and its schedule was fulfilled. It was re-billed as a Memorial Concert, banners were put up along the streets and approximately 600 people attended. Not an easy task but a pledge is a pledge.

To each and every core singer OperaOGGINY gives its word that "their" opera will be produced. We in kind, expect that their efforts yield results as well. Again, we have never been unreasonable and we won't start now - however, it is quite important to note that without results the opera company cannot thrive. The "intent" of presenting an opera has no value to a singer if the "intent" is never accomplished. In the same way, to try and do something helps no one. Doing it, however, means a great deal.