Young Artists

1. Young Artist Candidates are required to go through a period of 5 coaching sessions. These coachings are with our Artistic Director who will work with you very intensely and change you in many positive ways.

2. After your initial 5 coaching period if mutually acceptible to both you and our Artistic Director you will be admitted to our Young Artist Program which entails another 5 coachings. (Please note - cost - each set of 5 is $300 - for your initial coaching please plan to stay 2 hours (counts as 1 coaching))

3. As a Young Artist you will receive intense guidance and direction as well as be given opportunities to perform within our productions that best suit your talents. Everything will be tailor made to aid your progress and growth.

4. You will be asked to commit to the company for the season, giving, first preference to your activities with Opera OGGI NEW YORK. We also ask that any changes in your schedule be discussed with us first, before commiting to other engagements. Our goals are your growth and evolution as performers. We have a history of being quite reasonable and fair and do not put undue restrictions on singers. However, we do expect that singers demonstrate, in their choices, that they care about the outcome of the performances and their colleagues as well.

5. After the completion of the YA Program certain Young Artists will be invited to become Core Singers. Each additional Core Singer brings us closer to realizing our long term goal of a repertory opera company.

Hear what our Young Artists had to say after 5 coachings

" To say the idea of an opera company focusing on the WHOLE performance of a Singer/actor is refreshing, is a huge understatement. In a market (and a city on top of that) that is mostly looking for finished products, it can feel like there are pretty limited options for singers who are still perfecting their skills and looking for ways to expand as performers. Even the audition for Opera Oggi, although it made me feel I had a lot of work still to do, gave me a big boost by acknowledging the skills I have already worked hard on. Skills that are often overlooked in the interest of flawless vocal technique. Oggi is a company that is truly interested in fostering growth in whatever direction is best for the person. Where else will an artistic director immediately agree to coach a cycle of art songs that will have no direct or immediate effect on his opera productions? The company respects performers by demanding excellence and will take the time to let you work on you, in addition to your craft." Francesca Caviglia

"I have truly been amazed at how connected I feel with my voice and my body in general in my coachings with Thomas. There have been several occasions where I have been extremely tired when entering my coaching and then through breath and energy, I feel completely revived after the hour. My coachings have opened up a new level to my singing that I'm still trying to maintain, and that I never knew was there. Very grateful for the experience!" -Melynda Davis-

"OperaOggiNY met me where I was at, and further refined my focus. I have found greater connection with the music and my emotions, and refreshed life in my singing. Thomas Lawrence Toscano and William R. Lewis give generously of their time and inspirations to each young artist, helping them discover what is holding them back, and what opens up their voice and performing. OperaOggiNY truly puts its singers first, giving them the opportunities, space, and freedom to sing with excellence from the heart."-Tiffany Rivette-

"There is a deeply personal connection that comes with working with OperaOggiNY. I have been invited to confront myself in order to be a fuller, more emotional singer. The difference is amazing. Thomas's coachings aren't "dramatic coachings" or "musical coachings." They're evaluations and improvements upon your entire musical being.' Martina Bingham

"OperaOggiNewYork has been exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for as a young singer/performer/artist. Yes, the coachings are intense, but indeed I found it welcoming to come across vocabulary that related to my singing holistically. By focusing on the whole person, the whole you, your vocal instrument is hard-pressed not to grow as well! I like that OperaOggi is always trying to share meaningful, emotional, and truthful music to many different audiences. As a young artist with OONY, I've had the opportunity to perform in Manhattan and Brooklyn, in a fine restaurant setting, in a church service setting, and in two different operas in multiple venues. From the very first day of coaching, no, actually, even from the hour-long audition-turned-coaching session, I have grown and gained new insight into opera, myself, and even sometimes the importance of music in our world. What more could a singer ask for?" -D'ariel Barnard-

"Thomas likes to explore what makes a singer tick... he digs through many layers to help the singer achieve a great sense of rawness and realism. This translates to a greater artist on stage... the singer gains more self-awareness and a heightened sense of energy in performance." -Veronica Gonzalez-

"I've only been to 3 coachings so far, but I can say that the process with Thomas is unreservedly honest and genuine. I have been allowed to drop the pretense and acrimony of the role of "opera singer" and reconnect with myself as a musical being with a voice, musicality, and individual expression to convey. I have better access to my breath and have been offered two additional roles since beginning this work. I look forward to the work with other singers, as part of an ensemble, because I like the community aspect." -Kate Howell-